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Frequently asked Questions.

How can I get ORIS?
By clicking on "GET ORIS" and signing up for a demo. We're happy to walk you through the system and giving you access!
How do you ensure the dissociation of your service and data management from your shareholder?
By becoming a dedicated commercial entity, ORIS will fast-track its development while ensuring neutrality of its services. ORIS will have a strictly dedicated team and activities that are ring-fenced from the rest of Holcim Group. With this commercial entity: - ORIS will ensure the neutrality of its services; - ORIS will have a strict policy and governance on data confidentiality collection/usage; - ORIS will accelerate its development thanks to a more agile organisation. ORIS will have a balanced Supervisory Board, mixed with representatives from Holcim and independent ones. The ORIS IT systems will be ring fenced from the group operations to preserve customers data privacy and ownership. ORIS’s commercial activities and general operations will be strictly separated to protect both ORIS and Holcim from any competition risk.
I would like to collaborate with you. Where do I get more information?
Please sign up via "GET ORIS" if you would like to start using the platform, or get in touch via "CONTACT" with any other request or question!
I just have a small business in the road construction material industry. Is ORIS still a good fit?
ORIS is useful for any size and shape of business. Get in touch and we're happy to discuss the best package for you!